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Gum/Periodontal Therapy

Gum / Periodontal Therapy

During an initial and maintenance examination, the gums are examined for disease and infection. Special x-rays may be taken to evaluate bone loss and to determine the extent of debris and infection under the gums. Measurements of the spaces between the teeth and gums are recorded and the general condition of gums is evaluated.  If gum infection/periodontal disease is present than patients are treated according to the severity of the findings.  Oral hygiene instructions are given and an antibacterial rinse, oral and topical antibiotics may be prescribed, prior to and during gum treatment. Treating gum infection usually consists of deep scaling and root planning detriment, irrigation with a bacteriostatic rinse, placement of topical antibiotic (Arestin), and re-evaluation several weeks after treatment is complete. Optimal results depend upon the patient’s commitment to proper daily oral hygiene and continued evaluation by the dental hygienist. Oral health is a partnership between dentist and patient and we are committed to providing the tools for optimal health for a lifetime.

Please visit the web page of American Academy of Periondontology for more information about gum disease!

Root Planing and Scaling

Root planing and scaling are necessary measures for preventing gingivitis (gum inflammation) from becoming periodontitis (gum disease) and preventing gum disease from becoming much more serious. The process involves a deep cleaning between the teeth and gums, down to the roots. This prevents gingivitis from turning into periodontitis, which could result in tooth loss

A deep cleaning may be recommended if excessive plaque and tartar deposits have developed below the gum line. Deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing, and usually involve a two-part process: first, the stubborn deposits are removed, and then the root surfaces are smoothened. A deep cleaning may be needed to treat gingivitis, preventing the progression to periodontitis. A deep cleaning is also treatment for periodontal infection in order to restore gum tissues to a healthy state.