Signature Smiles

Sleep Apnea

Dr. Hyder and the staff at Signature Smiles VA have been trained to fabricate Sleep Apnea devices as an alternative to the C-PAP. Not all patients with sleep apnea are able to use the C-PAP machine. Patients with sleep apnea, snoring issues, tiredness and sleepiness during the day and a neck size of 16 inches in female and 17 inches in male along with other related medical problems first need to be examined by their primary care physician and by a sleep doctor who will sometimes prescribe an oral appliance as a treatment modality. After diagnosis by your primary physician or sleep doctor  you may be referred to Signature Smiles VA for a consult and fabrication of an oral sleep appliance. Dr. Hyder will work in conjunction with your primary physician or sleep apnea doctor  thus monitoring treatment and maintaining the oral appliance, all in efforts to increase sleep and comfort of patients.